The Brothers Karamazov

"Actually, people sometimes talk about man's 'bestial' cruelty, but that is being terribly unjust and offensive to the beasts..."
Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Body Language (It's the Law)

It may be useful when considering the abortion issue in the context of "The government has no right to tell a women what she may or may not do with her own body" to keep in mind that Governments and other authorities have long made decisions about the control one has of one's person, i.e.:

The Government or other authorities mandate:

1. With whom and when one may marry.
2. the age at which one can have sex.
3. with whom or with what one may or may not have sex.
4. the amount of and opaqueness of body covering required in public
5. the degree of physical intimacy allowed in public
6. the degree and content of "prurient" subjects permitted access
7. the age at which one can marry
8. the nature of sex acts permitted
9. the regulation of mind/mood altering substances
10. prohibition of suicide
11. regulation of birth control devices and practices
12. incarceration for offense
13. execution for offense
14. compulsory military service
15. mobility control i.e. passport, driving license
16. interment control
17. compulsory school attendance
18. chattel slavery(past, slightly)
19. segregation of public toilets
20. when and what foods can or cannot be eaten
21. mandating male/female genital mutilation

and, of course, "Catch 22",
22. permitting the right of choice.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


( or how to turn a big immigration mess into a windfall )

If, as a nation, we are sincere about wanting to solve the problem of illegal immigration we must acknowledge honestly what this entails. Among other things, to make it possible for people to immigrate legally.

The class of persons who most often take the underground route to arrive here are precisely those for whom no legal access is available. The annual quota
for impoverished, uneducated, day laborers, who lack English proficiency is exactly zero.

But this is precisely the sort of person in great demand to do the work no one else wants to do; therein the crisis. It's somehow ok to admit numbers of physicians and engineers but those in lesser categories are totally excluded. Of course, if they manage somehow to get here the demand for their services in incredible. .

If it is not possible to come here to work and live within our system legitimately why should people respect our borders knowing jobs await them if they dare cross over?

To begin we should immediately institute a yearly quota of this class of unskilled worker; say one hundred thousand per year. It must be completely open and above board, no secret agenda allowed. But it would be by lottery and open only to persons not residing within the US. In other words, this opportunity is available to people in country of origin and not here.

But it must be fair and principled in all respects. If this is done an additional bonus would be the exodus of many people to home countries to be eligible to participate in the selection.

A proviso would be made and circulated that the US intends to continue this program until one million formerly dispossessed people are accommodated, however each years' quota depends on the prior results being satisfactory to all.

In addition to this being an honest attempt to right a long festering problem it may have another desirable result. The ones who have benefited from taking this route to citizenship may not be inclined to suffer illegal residents jeopardizing hard earned rights and opportunities and thus become a de facto resistance force to illegal immigration over time.

Not only would this sort of program legally provide the worker base to which we have grown accustomed , it could insure the flow of undocumented migrants is checked by the communities involved.

The country has opened itself to unskilled labor many times in the past with good results and now is the time to begin again.

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Julius Caesar

Veni,Vedi,Vici...Sidi ( I stuck around )

Uncle Sam


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All I know, all any of us know, is what we're told.

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If it walks like a depression, talks like a depression, and looks like a depression; it's a recovery.

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Nice paint job

Nice paint job
Watch your step!

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Full scale War in Korea; we called it a Police Action
Police Action in Iraq; we call it a War.

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Gene Pool?

Gene Pool?

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Ecology is an impending Black Swan quagmire therefore incorporation is anathema to Economists.

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An incoming US President who does not immediately resign his office after having received eyes-only briefings of what's really going on is hopelessly co-opted or delusional.
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We are now a nation of middlemen. What becomes of us if the center cannot hold?

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Why not use some of the red ink to make things Green?

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"Ashes to Ashes"

"Ashes to Ashes"