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"Actually, people sometimes talk about man's 'bestial' cruelty, but that is being terribly unjust and offensive to the beasts..."
Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Friday, January 13, 2012

The 1% Are the Good Guys

Yup! What constitutes the make-up of the so-called 99% OWs needs some serious 'splainin. To think singling out a township sized passel of money barons as pure evil lets the rest of us off the hook, is ludicrous. A Corporation is more than the CEO; a bank more than its President. Lots of somebodies do the dirty work for the dough and/or the prestige. So perhaps as few as 1% of the population should be included in the ranks of the Good Guys, the other 99% well...

As a Nation, we total roughly of 300 million souls as of the 2010 census. Quick math shows 1% to be about 3 million. For our purposes this figure will represent approximately the number who fill the ranks of the Good Guys. Check the following to see in which camp you might find yourself.

[ You may be among the 1% who are the good Good Guys if: ]

* you refuse a vote to a Congressperson who just promises more pork for your district.

* you question why we need 750 bases around the world.

*you will not engage in blood sports, fishing and hunting, for entertainment; just for food.

*you refuse a job with a 'fracking' company.

*you refuse to own shares in a company whose profits come from the oppression of workers.

*you support a charity that's not tax deductable.

*you will not purchase any sea food on the endangered species list.

*you reject contributing to the war effort by shopping.

*you refuse to sell the family farm to agribusiness or developers.

*you will expose your favorite pastor or coach upon evidence of immoral or illegal activities.

*you consider torture unAmerican.

*you think Google is God.

*you DON'T think Google is God.

[ You may NOT be among the Good Guys if:]

*you are a neo-con who wants to rule the world.

*you work for a company which manufactures land mines, hand grenades, a-bombs, etc.

*as a trucker you haul land mines, hand grenades, a-bombs, etc.

*you go to college primarily for job prospects and not to become educated.

* you manufacture drone planes when you know they are not intended for defense purposes.

* you mine uranium.

*you vote for politicians who promise you things rather than stand for things.

* you prefer companion animals to human beings.

* you consider global warming from a political rather than a humane perspective.

* you order a crop dust knowing workers are in the fields.

* you support oppressive regimes because of their oil, ideology or religion.

* you are a tease, female; or a lech, male.

* the idea of conservation annoys you; gas rationing makes you homicidal.

* you are a vulture capitalist or corporate raider.

*you have a net worth of one billion dollars and just want a teensy bit more.

Now you know what group you fall into. If you're a Good Guy, yeah! If you are unhappy with the result, what are you gonna do about it? Will you remain a camp follower or clean up your act and be part of the 1% ...the Good Guys.

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